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Jungle inflatable castle

Jungle inflatable castle
Product name:Jungle inflatable castle
1) Material: The best 0.55mm PVC tarpaulin which is fire retardant and waterproof.
2) Size: 4m x4.5m x4.5m or according to ur requirement
3) Suitable blower certificated by CE/UL are presented
4) Packing by bag or carton
5) The MOQ: 1pc
6) Methods of shipping: By sea or air
7) It is suitable for family, backyard, school, and playing center
8) We also can produce it according to your design, size and color

The detailed information of the Jungle inflatable castle


  • 18 oz commercial grade vinyl (coated with PVC membrane)
  • 1000D mesh netting


Ready to leave the present day behind and enjoy some magical fun of olden times? Then it's time to enjoy the Castle Moon Bounce. The Castle is intricately detailed with torches and a brick castle pattern, as well as figures like a dragon, a fair maid, and a wizard. The front entrance is reminiscent of double castle doors, and children can either exit through the same entrance or by the slide accessible from the interior by a set of stairs. The Moon Bounce slides are safer than other playground slides for multiple reasons, including the fact that they don't get as hot as, say, a metal slide in the sun. The vibrancy of colors and details are a result of the manufacturer's use of 3-D design (allowing for a nearly seamless transition from design to realization) and high-resolution, high-speed digital printers. The printers use ink specifically created for printing on materials made for outdoor use, ensuring long-lasting, brilliant color. For an even greater assurance that the material will remain bright and durable, Bounce and Shout, the maker of these playgrounds, uses a liquid laminating machine to coat the vinyl with a PVC membrane. Few other manufacturers include these elements, which add to the mystical ambiance of this enchanting castle playground.


The Castle Moon Bounce is perfect for parties, restaurant and mall grand openings, school or church fundraisers, and even for private play dates in the backyard! Kids will have hours of fun exercising outside instead of vegetating in front of video game screens all day. These Moon Bounce playgrounds are enclosed and easy to set up and take down for quick storage, so they are much safer, more convenient, and less cumbersome than trampolines. Bounce and Shout ensures that durability is key in creating these products. All walls are reinforced along the entire interior and exterior surfaces, as are all entrances; this differs from other inflatable playgrounds which are often only enforced along structurally weak areas. The extra reinforcement assures that the playgrounds will be able to handle the kind of wear and tear that only kids can dish out. In addition to the extra reinforcement, all seams contain six times the stitching of other playgrounds and there are wear pads on all jump-through points.

Bounce and Shout likewise understands that convenience is essential with any product used for social gatherings. For this reason, the makers of Moon Bounce have created a unique Velcro and clip mechanism to attach the air tube to the blower - this prevents the jostling of children inside the playground from loosening the air tube. Without the Velcro and clip mechanism, useless time could be spent reattaching and re-inflating the playground when it should be spent on fun! Not only that, but also a loss in air pressure with children inside the playground could result in injury. So, the clip is not just a time-saver, it is also a safety precaution. Similarly, the inside of the bouncer is constructed of 1000D PV material, which allows for optimal airflow and creates a balanced bouncing surface. Finally, all Moon Bounce playgrounds are designed for easy supervision, essential for any safe gathering of children. The mesh is cut from 1000D netting, which is easy to see through, but does not allow small fingers to get caught in the mesh and injured during play.

The manufacturer makes safety its number one priority; Bounce and Shout ensures that every Moon Bounce...

  • enhanced with strong, large mesh windows on every side for easy adult supervision.
  • ...passes flammability and toxin tests.
  • designed with large pillars on all corners to strengthen the structure.
  • ...includes a Safe Step to assist children entering and leaving and to prevent falling.
  • made from strong, flame retardant vinyl.
  • user-friendly and easy to set up.
  • ...ships within 48 hours from the day of order placement.
  • Includes a CE/UL air blower


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Repair Kit
Metal Securing Loops
Detailed Stiching
Velcro & Stiching
Color Matched Velcro

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